Water Based Nail Polish

Why I love water-based nail polish & how to use it!

What to do with Your Old Nail Polish

Old Nail Polish

Old Nail Polish

You have decided to switch from conventional solvent based nail polish to water based nail polish. Yay! But now, what to do with your old nail polish? The easiest option sounds like throwing it in the trash, but that is not the proper way to dispose of nail polish.

Both nail polish and remover are considered household hazardous waste in the U.S. The proper way to dispose of either one is to take them to your local household hazardous waste collection facility. You can locate one at earth911.com.

Do your part and help protect our water ways, soil and drinking supply from harmful chemicals. Never pour a toxic substance down the drain or throw it in the garbage. Stop and think for a second where it will end up.

Once you are rid of your old collection, you are ready to start a new polish collection with water based formulas. Check back often for new reviews and tips!

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