Water Based Nail Polish

Why I love water-based nail polish & how to use it!

Swatches of Blue Water Based Nail Polishes by Acquarella

Metallic Blue Water Based Nail Polish Swatch

Today I have a swatch of metallic blue water based nail polish by Acquarella. This brilliant blue color called Shalom was released as part of Acquarella’s Holiday 2012 collection. They also released a shimmery green color called Donner. I skipped Donner, since I already have Wicked by Acquarella, which is also a shimmery green.

Blue is my all-time favorite color of nail polish, so I could not pass it up when I saw Shalom. I was delighted with how this water based nail polish looked on my nails! It almost matches the shade of my car’s paint.


Creme Blue Water Based Nail Polish Swatch

For comparison, here is a swatch of another blue from Acquarella. This is Mahalo, which is a creme blue.


Mahalo was my favorite color of water based nail polish, before I got Shalom. Now I have a new favorite!

You can read a detailed review of Acquarella water based nail polish on the Pretty Painted Nails Blog.

Which nail polish finish do you prefer? The super shiny metallic finish or the softer creme finish?

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