Water Based Nail Polish

Why I love water-based nail polish & how to use it!

Swatches of Blue Water Based Nail Polishes by Acquarella

Metallic Blue Water Based Nail Polish Swatch Today I have a swatch of metallic blue water based nail polish by Acquarella. This brilliant blue color called Shalom was released as … Continue reading

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Review of Suncoat Natural Nail Polish Remover Gel

Suncoat produces natural nail polish remover in both gel and liquid consistencies. Both forms of Suncoat nail polish remover can be used on either water-based nail polish or regular solvent-based … Continue reading

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Water-Based Vs. Regular Nail Polish

Let’s compare water-based nail polish and regular nail polish. The main difference between water-based and regular nail polish are the ingredients. The two types of nail polish can last just … Continue reading

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Easy Nail Art Design Using Water Based Nail Polish

Today I would like to share with you an easy nail art design using water based nail polish. If you get board of wearing just a solid color of water … Continue reading

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Accent Nail Polish Trend

One of the current nail polish trends is the accent nail, where one nail is painted with a different nail polish than the other nails. Here are some suggestions of … Continue reading

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Video Review of Suncoat Water Based Peel-Off Nail Polish

Here is a video review of Suncoat water-based peel-off nail polish, since it is easier than reading the written review. Suncoat is one of my favorite brands of peel-off nail … Continue reading

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Water Based Nail Polish Quiz

Quizzes are fun, so I decided to make a Water Based Nail Polish Quiz. If you are a die-hard water based nail polish fan, see if you can correctly guess … Continue reading

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Review of AQmore Water Based Nail Polish

AQmore water based nail polish is the third brand of peel-off nail polish that I have tried. You can also read my review of Sula Paint and Peel and review … Continue reading

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Sponge Gradient Nails Using Acquarella and Piggy Paint Nail Polish

Water-based nail polishes may not come in as many colors and finishes as regular nail polish, but you can come up with new looks using simple nail art. Here is … Continue reading

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Nail Polish Removers for Water Based Nail Polishes

If you are going to try water based nail polish you will also need to get a special acetone-free nail polish remover meant for water based nail polish. Regular acetone … Continue reading

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Review of Piggy Paint Water Based Nail Polish

Piggy Paint water based nail polish is not just for piggies, it works well on fingernails too! Piggy Paint was originally released as a non toxic nail polish for kids. … Continue reading

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Does Peel-Off Water Based Nail Polish Work on Toenails?

Peel-off water based nail polish is a great option when you want temporary nail polish to wear for a day or two. But what about wearing peel off nail polish … Continue reading

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Who Makes Water Based Nail Polish?

Interested in trying water based nail polish, but not sure what your options are? Here is a list of companies that offer water based nail polishes. It includes both long-lasting … Continue reading

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Video Review of Scotch Naturals Nail Polish

Watch this video review of scotch naturals nail polish to learn more about this eco-friendly alternative to regular nail polish. I love the beautiful range of nail polish colors available … Continue reading

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Acquarella Nail Polish Swatches for Summer 2012

Acquarella just released three new colors of water based nail polish! I am happy to share swatches of the new Acquarella summer colors for 2012. The new summer nail polish … Continue reading

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Video Review of Keeki Pure and Simple Nail Polish

Keeki Pure and Simple nail polish is one of my favorite brands of water based nail polish. It is safe for kids and comes in many fun colors. It is … Continue reading

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Removing Pesky Water Based Nail Polish

So you finally found a brand of water based nail polish you like. And it lasted well on your nails. But now that it is time to remove it, the … Continue reading

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Review of Honeybee Gardens Water Based Nail Polish

I recently tried out Honeybee Gardens water based nail polish in Abyss (black). I have not worn black nail polish in ages, but I really liked the color. It’s a … Continue reading

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Video Review of Acquarella Nail Polish

Want to find out more about Acquarella water based nail polish? Watch this informative video that explains the upsides and downsides of Acquarella polish. It also shows swatches and application … Continue reading

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Natural Cuticle Oil

It is important to use cuticle oil to keep your cuticles moisturized and looking healthy. The only problem is, some types of moisturizers and oils can interfere with water based … Continue reading

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Review of Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish

After trying Suncoat water based nail polish in Beige, I tried the Suncoat peel-off formula. This time I chose a purple color called Mulberry. This is the second peel-off nail … Continue reading

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Review of Suncoat Water Based Nail Polish

The latest brand of water based nail polish that I tried was Suncoat. It is a Canadian company that was founded in 2001. Suncoat offers both non-peel-off and peel-off polishes. … Continue reading

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Neutral Water Based Nail Polish Colors

Many bright colors are popular nail polish choices this spring, such as blue, yellow and green. But you can also get a fresh spring look with a neutral nail polish … Continue reading

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Alternate Bright Spring Nail Polish Colors

Looking for a fun way to paint your nails for spring? Choose two bright spring colored nail polishes and randomly alternate colors. Shown above are Acquarella in Mahalo (blue) and … Continue reading

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Water Based Nail Polish Finishes

Water based nail polishes come in a variety of colors and finishes. There are both peel-off and non-peel-off water based nail polishes, but that is not what I am referring … Continue reading

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Review of Keeki Water Based Nail Polish

The latest brand of water based nail polish that I tried is Keeki Pure and Simple. The Keeki line was started to provide a safe brand of nail polish for … Continue reading

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Hopscotch Kids Non Toxic Nail Polish

Hopscotch Kids is a fun water based nail polish for kids. It comes in lots of bright colors, like yellow, orange, green, pink and blue. I wish the yellow color … Continue reading

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What to do with Your Old Nail Polish

You have decided to switch from conventional solvent based nail polish to water based nail polish. Yay! But now, what to do with your old nail polish? The easiest option … Continue reading

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Peel Off Nail Polish Brings Out the Kid in You!

I had gotten tired of painting my nails, watching them chip for a week, and then getting out the nail polish remover. So when I heard about Sula Paint and … Continue reading

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Comparison of Two Non Toxic Water Based Nail Polishes

You may have heard that even some supposedly 3-free nail polishes used in salons still contain members of the toxic trio (toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde). If you are … Continue reading

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