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Peel Off Nail Polish Brings Out the Kid in You!

Sula Paint and Peel Nail Polish in Modern Mauve

Sula Paint and Peel Nail Polish in Modern Mauve

I had gotten tired of painting my nails, watching them chip for a week, and then getting out the nail polish remover. So when I heard about Sula Paint and Peel water based peel-off nail polish for grown-ups, I was excited to try it! Being able to peel the polish off seemed so much more hassle free. I bought the duo, which came with nail color in modern mauve and top coat.

Things I Like About Sula:

  • The color was beautiful. It was a bright cheery lavender. Although, the color does dry to a darker shade than it looks in the bottle.
  • It was fun peeling the polish off. Oh, so fun! I almost wanted to paint my nails with it again as soon as I had peeled it off, just so I could peel some more!

Things I Did Not Like About Sula:

  • The smell! Most water based nail polishes have very little smell. The paint and peel is actually perfumed. Whose brilliant idea was that? It gave me a headache until the polish dried and the smell faded away.
  • The polish goes on very streaky. I thought other reviewers were just being picky and wanting the polish to behave just like a regular polish. But it turns out it really does paint on unevenly.
  • The top coat is not water based and smells the same as any old solvent based top coat. I would have rather just gotten a single Sula nail polish and not the duo with top coat.

The polish looked good on my nails for about a day, which was fine, since this is a temporary polish. After two days I peeled the polish off. I recommend soaking your nails in warm water for 5 minutes and loosening the polish near your cuticles. Then peel the nail polish off in once piece.

Peeling Off Sula Nail Polish

Peeling Off Sula Nail Polish

I really love the colors that Sula offers. I am thinking of getting a single polish in Azure. Does anyone know if the single polishes also have perfume in them?

If temporary nail polish is not really your thing, find out more about long-lasting water based nail polish.

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