Water Based Nail Polish

Why I love water-based nail polish & how to use it!

Accent Nail Polish Trend

Accent Nail Trend with Water Based Nail Polish

Accent Nail Trend with Water Based Nail Polish

One of the current nail polish trends is the accent nail, where one nail is painted with a different nail polish than the other nails. Here are some suggestions of how to achieve the accent nail look with water based nail polishes. The nails shown above are painted with Dream Car (greenish blue) by Acquarella, with an accent nail painted with Date Night (purple) by Acquarella. There are so many more possible combinations!

Accent Nail Combos with Water Based Nail Polishes

  • A Royal Combination: Nails painted with Queen of Scots (regal shimmering violet) by Scotch Naturals, with accent nail in Smugglers Gold (shimmering gold) by Scotch Naturals.
  • A Delicate Combination: Nails painted with Morning Glory Fizz (heathered lavender creme) by Scotch Naturals, with accent nail in Charmer (shimmering platinum) by Scotch Naturals.
  • A Vibrant Combination: Nails painted with Blue Slushie (bright blue) by Keeki, with an accent nail in Sour Apple Slushie (bright green) by Keeki.
  • A Decadent Combination: Nails painted with Chocolate (brown) by Keeki, with accent nail in Cherry Pie (red) by Keeki.

What is your favorite combination of nail polishes to use for the accent nail trend?

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