Water Based Nail Polish

Why I love water-based nail polish & how to use it!

Water-Based Vs. Regular Nail Polish

Water Based Nail Polish

Water Based Nail Polish

Let’s compare water-based nail polish and regular nail polish. The main difference between water-based and regular nail polish are the ingredients. The two types of nail polish can last just as well and look indistinguishable once painted onto nails.


To start with, the basic ingredients in regular nail polish are nitrocellulose, which forms the hard layer on the nail, volatile solvents, which evaporate when the polish is painted onto nails, colorants, and other additives.  The main ingredients in water-based nail polish are acrylic polymer emulsion, water, and colorants.


Both the nitrocellulose and chemical solvents in regular nail polish are flammable. This makes regular nail polish dangerous to use near open flames. It is also the reason why regular nail polish can only be shipped through certain means, such as ground delivery. Neither the acrylic nor the water in water-based nail polish are flammable, making it safer to use and ship. The chemical solvents in regular nail polish give the polish an unpleasant and potentially toxic smell. Water-based nail polish, on the other hand, has very little smell. Regular nail polish dries rather quickly. Water-based nail polish dries to the touch in about 10 minutes, but requires up to 6 hours to fully dry.


Regular and water-based nail polishes can look the same once dry on the nails. Water-based nail polishes can have a creme, sheer, sparkly, or metallic finish. Some water-based nail polishes are opaque with only one or two coats, while others are still translucent after many coats.


Regular nail polishes vary greatly in how long they last on the nails. Water-based nail polishes tend to last about one week on fingernails. Some brands of water-based nail polish can easily last for a month on toenails without chipping. Water-based nail polishes become more difficult to remove over time, which does not happen with regular nail polish.


Water-based nail polish is a healthier and safer option that looks just as good and lasts just as well as regular nail polish. To find out more, visit the Pretty Painted Nails Water Based Nail Polish Blog.

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  1. A Brilliant Dawn
    December 26, 2012

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    For all you nail polish lovers out there, does your stomach turn because of the toxic smell of nail polish? Does your male other half ever ask you to do your nails outside, even in the dead of winter? If so, read on for why water based nail polish is not no where near as toxic and they have NO SMELL. I am writing this at the same time as having upset my stomach from just applying the very inexpensive CG Outlast Nail Polish, which wreaks of a chemical factory!

  2. A Brilliant Dawn
    December 26, 2012

    Very helpful info. Thank you

  3. waterbasedpolish
    January 10, 2013

    You’re welcome!

  4. angel22
    January 30, 2013

    where can i buy this water based nail polish

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