Water Based Nail Polish

Why I love water-based nail polish & how to use it!

Comparison of Two Non Toxic Water Based Nail Polishes

Acquarella and Scotch Naturals Water Based Non Toxic Nail Polishes

Acquarella and Scotch Naturals Water Based Non Toxic Nail Polishes

You may have heard that even some supposedly 3-free nail polishes used in salons still contain members of the toxic trio (toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde). If you are looking for a truly safe, non toxic nail polish, try a water based nail polish.

Here is a comparison of two of the top brands of water based nail polish for women- Acquarella and Scotch Naturals. They are both non-peel-off formulas meant for extended wear. Since their main ingredient is water, instead of harsh chemical solvents, they are free from smelly fumes.


  • Acquarella is quick and easy to apply, since it only requires two thin coats of nail polish.
  • Scotch Naturals requires a couple extra steps, since it needs a base coat, nail polish, and top coat. But the based coat helps the nail polish go on very smoothly and easily. And the top coat adds shine.
  • Acquarella has almost no smell when applying, while Scotch Naturals has a bit of an odor to the base and top coats.



  • Acquarella lasts better on fingernails than Scotch Naturals does. Acquarella looks good for about 5 days, while Scotch Naturals looks pretty bad by the 5th day.



  • Scotch Naturals is much easier to remove! It only takes about 15 minutes to remove the polish with their soy based remover.
  • Acquarella, on the other hand, takes about 30-50 minutes of scrubbing with their remover.


If you want long-lasting nail polish, go with Acquarella. If you want easy to remove polish, go with Scotch Naturals. Or here’s an idea: get Acquarella nail polish and Scotch Naturals soy based remover! I’ve tried it, it works!

One comment on “Comparison of Two Non Toxic Water Based Nail Polishes

  1. A Brilliant Dawn
    March 25, 2013

    This is very helpful information, thank you. I’ve been looking for a nail polish that doesn’t smell and burn my brain cells. I can’t stand the smell of conventional polish, but they’re so easy to find and cheap.

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