Water Based Nail Polish

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Does Peel-Off Water Based Nail Polish Work on Toenails?

Peel Off Water Based Nail Polishes

Peel Off Water Based Nail Polishes

Peel-off water based nail polish is a great option when you want temporary nail polish to wear for a day or two. But what about wearing peel off nail polish on your toenails? Does it look okay? Does it last? Is it easy to remove?

I was wondering how peel off nail polish would fair on my toenails, so I gave it a try. I painted my toenails with three coats of Suncoat Polish & Peel in Mulberry (reddish purple). I wore the peel-off nail polish on my toenails for 2 full days before removing it.

Suncoat Polish & Peel did well as far as my first two criteria. It looked beautiful on my toenails. The texture was so smooth that you could not even tell it was a peel-off formula. It also lasted really well for the two days that I left it on my nails. The polish only started to peel a little on one nail. However, it failed in the removal aspect. I thought the polish would peel off okay after only being on my nails for two days. However, it was harder to remove than expected. When I peeled the polish off it also peeled off bits of my nails and left my nails all rough and dry. Unless you don’t mind peeling off some of your nails with the polish, it is best not to use peel-off polish on your toenails.

Oh, well. I will still wear peel-off formulas from time to time, but just on my fingernails.

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