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Review of Keeki Water Based Nail Polish

Keeki Water Based Nail Polish in Cherry Pie

Keeki Water Based Nail Polish in Cherry Pie

The latest brand of water based nail polish that I tried is Keeki Pure and Simple. The Keeki line was started to provide a safe brand of nail polish for kids, but it is also terrific for grown-ups, including pregnant women!

Keeki nail polish is a long lasting formula. With the base coat, polish, and top coat, it lasted for a week on my nails with only small chips.


  • I received friendly and helpful service from Keeki Pure and Simple. My order arrived quickly and came in cute packaging.
  • The base coat had a bit of an alcohol smell to it, but other than that the nail polish did not have much of an odor.
  • I loved the Cherry Pie color, which is a bright sparkly red. Perfect for those days when you want a classic red polish.
  • I was very happy with the wear of the polish. It lasted a week on my nails with only tip wear and some small chips. And I was hard on my nails! I cleaned, kayaked and swam, but the polish stayed on!


  • The only thing I did not like about Keeki Pure and Simple nail polish was that it was difficult to remove. The Keeki polish remover smelled nice, but it did not remove the polish very well. I alternated rubbing each nail with remover for a bit. After 30 minutes I gave up and left some flecks of polish on my nails. A couple days later I tried again and got the rest of the polish off.

Find a more detailed Keeki nail polish review on the Pretty Painted Nails water based nail polish blog.

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